Austin Teen Therapy

Teens & pre-teens

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss

Therapy for Teens & Pre-Teens

You feel disconnected from your teen, unsure of what they’re going through or how to talk to them about it. They’re often sullen and withdrawn or prone to angry or panicked outbursts. You’re baffled they don’t talk to you – it’s like pulling teeth to get more than a one-word answer. Grades are slipping, friendships imploding. You worry about their safety and their future. 

Ashleigh is a warm, caring and patient teen therapist. She provides a safe, respectful space where your child can have a voice without worrying about criticism or judgment. She brings kids out of their shell so they can talk about what’s bothering them.

Being a teen is hard, and there’s nothing worse than feeling like a problem. Despite outward appearances, your teen is craving connection so Ashleigh works to foster a secure and nurturing relationship between you and your child. Ashleigh will consult with you to ensure you’re informed, but without your teen fearing she’s tattling on them.

They might be pissed about being in therapy and that’s OK. Ashleigh has yet to meet a teen that didn’t eventually appreciate having a space of their own. Worried they’ll roll their eyes and tell her this sucks? Bring it on! Ashleigh welcomes any and all thoughts and feelings, snark, or even silence if that’s what they need. She remembers being a teen in therapy and hating it, but knowing that’s because she didn’t have a good therapist looking out for her.

Parent Coaching

Do you feel yourself getting riled up when your child misbehaves or doesn’t listen? Do you and your spouse disagree on how to raise your child? Are you worried about repeating the mistakes of your own parents? Maybe you feel disconnected from your spouse or child and are tired of having the same arguments every week. There’s no manual that tells you how to be a parent, yet so many parents feel shamed or like they’re doing something wrong.

Ashleigh holds a non-judgmental and open space to explore your parenting and relationship concerns. She will provide you with valuable tools and skills you can begin using immediately. We’ll explore your concerns and find ways to bring more positive energy and playfulness into your relationships so your family can connect, heal, and grow.

Ashleigh provides therapy for teens struggling with anxiety, depression, Bipolar, peer relationships, grief and trauma. She offers convenient after school and weekend appointments. To get started schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation. Call/text to 512-549-8189 or email Ashleigh