Austin Individual Therapy

Therapy for yourself

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” David Richo

You’ve made it through some hard stuff. Life has handed you a lot of pain, but you’ve worked hard to overcome it. You’re smart, motivated, and have achieved a lot. Yet despite it all, you feel unhappy and dissatisfied. No matter how much you do it feels like it’s never enough. 

On the outside you’ve got everything together. But inside you feel a tornado of overwhelming feelings. You take care of others but no one is really there for you. It’s probably safe to say you’ve always been on your own and never had anyone to rely on. This quality makes you strong, dependable, and resilient. Yet you’re also in deep pain. It’s possible you go through bouts of high anxiety or deep depression. You might cope with these feelings by working more or drinking too much.

You tell yourself you need to “get over” your difficulties and deal with things on your own. You don’t allow yourself to ask for help or get close to people. As a result, you feel isolated, worthless and flawed. You keep asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” You pride yourself on your self-sufficiency yet deep down feel intense self-loathing.

Now you’re exhausted from all the pain, stress, and keeping up a strong front. It’s all become too much. Maybe a relationship has ended or you start to feel more anxious or depressed. You realize it’s time to do something about the emptiness you’ve been feeling your whole life.

How Therapy Helps

Therapy helps you reconnect with yourself. You can begin to look inside: at your feelings, needs, wants, and desires. You can also begin to understand how your childhood and adult life experiences got you to this point. Very likely, you had to become strong and self-sufficient because help wasn’t available. You may also have been put in the position of taking care of others. You tried to deal the best you could, but it’s been at a cost to you.

The process of therapy helps you to reduce your pain while getting to know yourself on a deeper level. We will work together to tackle anxiety and depression. We’ll also help you heal from past hurts inflicted by others. This process allows you to work through painful experiences and move forward in life. As you become more emotionally aware, you’ll be able to form healthier relationships with others in your life.