Austin Bipolar Therapy

Bipolar Disorder

Helping you manage the ups and downs of Bipolar I and II.

Bipolar disorder feels unpredictable and frightening.  Some days you don’t know whether to cry or give up. Mood swings and other symptoms seemingly strike out of nowhere. You never know when you’re going to feel energized or awful. You may feel resentful or angry for having to deal with this for so long. The stigma of Bipolar can be so overwhelming, it often feels easier to just ignore the whole thing.

Bipolar disorder gets a bad rap – the media often depicts “manic depressives” as dangerous and crazy, ready to strike out at any moment. It’s really no wonder most people try to ignore it or feel a deep sense of shame, as though they are defective in some way. The diagnosis itself can feel like a judgment. Although it can sometimes feel hopeless, with right kind of support it is totally manageable and even comes with some unique positives.  

Support for Individuals

We’re still not totally sure what causes Bipolar disorder, but it is widely believed to be a combination of brain chemistry, genetics, and environment (namely, stress). This is why a combination of medication and therapy is essential to not only manage symptoms, but help you thrive.

If you’ve been diagnosed, together we’ll figure out the triggers for mania and depression, and develop your support system. Ashleigh Edelstein provides education and helps develop positive coping strategies and relaxation techniques to manage stressful situations. Together we’ll work towards finding balance and peace.

Support for Spouses & Families

If your parent, spouse, or child has been diagnosed, Ashleigh provides individual and family therapy to help you learn about their diagnosis and discover ways to be a strong support system.

Ashleigh knows how hard it is to watch someone you love struggle with something they have little control over. You’re often the brunt of their anger and frustrations. Some days it can be difficult to have empathy or compassion and easy to let resentment build. Ashleigh provides a safe space to explore your concerns, feelings related to the diagnosis and anything else that may come up.

To get started, contact Ashleigh today at 512-549-8189 or email Ashleigh. She offers a free 20-minute phone consultation before scheduling the first appointment.