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Austin psychotherapist
Katrina Taylor, LMFT

Katrina Taylor

Welcome. You’re aware of the deep pain that’s leading you to seek help. It’s likely you’ve been feeling this way for much of your life. But now it’s too much to manage on your own. You’re anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or in conflict with a loved one.

No matter how much you’re hurting, I believe you can change and grow. We will work together to reduce your current pain while delving deep to address longstanding problems. Through the process of therapy you can work through past painful and traumatic experiences and develop greater freedom, flexibility and joy in your life.

About me

Long before I became a psychotherapist I was a caregiver and “therapist” to many others in my life. Helping people comes naturally to me. I’ve also experienced many of my own struggles which have helped me to develop compassion for others’ suffering.

I’m a first generation immigrant to the United States, from Eastern Europe, and the oldest of 5 kids. We experienced a very difficult childhood. In my life I’ve been through poverty, violence, communism, and a whole lot of tough stuff. I’ve come to see value in both painful and joyful life events. It is these experiences that have helped me grow. And as a result of my own transformative personal therapy I have a strong belief in the life-changing power of psychotherapy.

While I’ve lived in varied places in my life, I’ve called Austin home for the past 15 years. I’ve spent over a decade working with people and listening to their stories, in various settings. I’ve worked in the business world, community mental health, and private practice. I strive to help people understand themselves, their histories, and what they want in life.

I’m passionate about helping men and women who’ve been through some really tough shit in their lives, yet have somehow made it through. If you’re here it means a part of you is hopeful and resilient. Together we can help you take the next steps towards feeling and doing better. I work well with clients who recognize that change takes time, are willing to commit to the process of therapy, and want to understand themselves deeply.

My approach to therapy

I’ve always been interested in the darker aspects of human experience. Below the surface we all have feelings of rage, sadness, shame.  I like to say that therapy is a place for the “not-nice” parts of us, those experiences and feelings usually not welcome at a dinner party conversation. So in therapy sessions, I welcome all the parts of you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

I also believe that we’re all guided by unconscious forces we don’t understand until we start digging around and exploring. So in our work we will start with what’s bothering you and what has brought you to therapy. Current symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem? Difficulty forming or sustaining relationships with others? Unhealthy habits of drinking, overworking, or being self-destructive?

We will work together to understand why you do what you do. And how you can begin doing something different. I like to see therapy as a journey we undertake together, to explore the recesses of your mind so you can know yourself better and have the freedom to make different choices in your life.

My style is calm, attentive, and emotionally-engaged. I listen deeply to your story and help you see patterns you’re not aware of. I value the therapeutic relationship and invite you to let me know about your reactions to our work. I’m serious but also humorous and irreverent at times, and occasionally drop an F bomb. All the while, I’m passionate about this work and deeply committed to helping you.

The focus of my practice is on deep and intensive individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. I’m experienced in working with clients who’ve survived childhood abuse, neglect and trauma. I also work with entrenched challenges and stuck symptoms have not been resolved through previous therapies. I see men and women for weekly therapy sessions as well as more frequent meetings of two to four times per week, which can be conducted sitting or lying down.

Psychoanalysis is not your grandparents’ silent and stone-faced experience but is a warm, vibrant, and deep way of working together. It is a treatment that allows us to tackle entrenched, longstanding problems that have not been addressed through other types of therapies. It’s also an incredible way to further your self knowledge and live a more full and meaningful life. Plus, we get to make a lot of Freud jokes.

My background and experience

I earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from St. Edwards University and am licensed as an LMFT in the State of Texas (License #202470). I completed a 2 year post-graduate training program through the Middelberg Institute in Austin and am currently a Candidate in Studies in Adult Psychoanalysis at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies.

Contact Me

Let’s connect. I offer a free phone consultation to discuss your needs for therapy and ensure we’re a good fit to work together. Please call/text or email me. For more information please feel free to view fees and policies and office location.