3 Benefits of EMDR Therapy

emdr therapy austinAre you living with symptoms that impact your life? Maybe you’re too anxious do something, having trouble sleeping, or have chronic pain. Whatever is currently happening, it’s possible that your brain hasn’t been able to properly process something from your past.

When a disturbing or traumatic event occurs, it can get locked in the brain with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feeling and body sensations. If your brain isn’t able to properly process this information, it gets stuck in your memory networks. This is why it can often feel like we’re reliving a traumatic (or shameful, embarrassing, upsetting) experience when we think about it. Your brain is hanging on to that memory and filtering your current experience through it.

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2 Stories of Trauma and Recovery

Those who’ve experienced traumatic events often feel like they’re all alone, like no one else can understand their experience. Two prominent public figures describe their experiences of trauma and subsequent recovery through therapy and psychoanalysis.

In a thoughtful and poignant interview, Bruce Springsteen chronicles his upbringing with a paranoid schizophrenic father and his subsequent mental health stuggles. Psychoanalysis with his long term analyst allows him to come to terms with his past, become a healthier person, and build a happier marriage and family for himself. “You have to put together a person from all the stuff that you’ve been handed,” he says.

Writer Junot Diaz writes a raw and searing account of his legacy of childhood trauma and subsequent substance abuse and failed relationships. He finds healing and growth through a relationship with a therapist who stands by him and doesn’t give up. “No one can hide forever. Eventually what used to hold back the truth doesn’t work anymore. You run out of escapes, you run out of exits, you run out of gambits, you run out of luck. Eventually the past finds you.”

The past has a way of catching up to all of us. The things we deny or forget or choose to ignore can affect our lives in painful ways. If you’re struggling with past events and traumas consider getting started with therapy. It’s in a relationship with a safe, trusted, empathetic person that we can find healing.

3 Ways to Deal with Toxic Family Over the Holidays

toxic family holidays austin therapyAh, the holidays! That time of year when families and loved ones come together to celebrate the season. But for anyone with toxic family members, the holidays can be one giant eye roll, or worse.

You feel obligated to attend events, even though you’d rather be doing literally anything else. Maybe it’s so bad you’re debating cutting certain people or gatherings out of your life completely.

If you or someone you know is dreading an upcoming holiday but are still planning to attend, here are 3 tips to get through it with your sanity intact:


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3 Ways to Support a Grieving Friend

grief sad austin

Managing day-to-day life can be enough of a struggle, but when you throw a death into the mix, suddenly life can turn chaotic and unmanageable. One of the biggest struggles I come across when working with grieving individuals is finding enough social support.

In so many cases, reaching out for support just may not be a viable option. They may be too clouded in their grief to even know what or how to ask for help. Maybe you know someone and are confused about how to help them.

What can you do to support a grieving friend? Here are 3 simple tips:

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Mariah Carey pexels
We’re always doing our part to end the stigma against mental illness, which often prevents those suffering from seeking out treatment. Our very own Ashleigh Edelstein, LMFT-Associate was interviewed for Elite Daily’s article discussing Bipolar disorder, one of her specialties.

Mariah Carey Opened Up About Her Bipolar Diagnosis & Here’s Why It’s So Important

Click here for more info on the support we provide for individuals and families dealing with Bipolar disorder. If this is something you or a loved one struggles with, reach out for a free phone consultation.